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Get Christmas Cash Fast with a Payday Loan

Christmas comes around but once a year. Unfortunately, most people have the same money troubles every Christmas. There never seems to be enough money. Well, Eastside Lenders can help you with that. We offer pay day loans that can help you breathe a big sigh of relief.

The process to get a pay day loan from Eastside Lenders is not difficult, either. In fact, it takes just four easy steps for you to get money for Christmas.

Step 1: Complete an online application. This application is so easy to complete, that it takes most applicants only a couple of minutes. Eastside Lenders does not ask you a lot of questions on the application. We don’t even ask about your credit history. All we really want to know is this: can you pay back the loan? We can judge your ability to repay the loan through your employment and your income. We also ask basic questions about banking accounts, social security number, and references. But that’s about it. When you’re finished completing the application, simply submit it to us via the secure online form. Eastside Lenders takes your privacy seriously, and we take all measures to ensure no one has access to your personal and financial information.

Step 2:  Wait for your confirmation email. This email will give you direction on what, if anything, Eastside Lenders still needs from you. For instance, should we need verification of certain financial information, we will ask you for it in your confirmation email So read this email carefully and follow any directions therein.

If you have questions about anything, feel free to contact our exceptional customer service agents. They will answer all your questions and help you get the Christmas cash you need.

Step 3: Select your pay day loan amount. Once your application is processed and reviewed, you will receive notification of your approval or denial, along with the amount of loan that you are eligible to receive. You will also be notified of the finance charges.. Eastside Lenders will lend a maximum of $1,000, but you never have to accept the maximum loan amount. You can, instead, choose a lesser amount. One you choose your loan amount, we start processing your loan.

Step 4:  Wait for your Christmas cash. You won’t have to wait long. Eastside Lenders sends the cash, via direct deposit, to your banking account within 1 business day (or 24 hours). Before you know it, you will be spending that Christmas green!

You don’t have to spend your pay day loan just on Christmas, of course. You may spend it any way you please. Our pay day loans are designed to help your pay day stretch to the next one. So anytime you need extra money, think of Eastside Lenders.

We’ll get you the pay day loan you’ll need, during the holidays or at any other time, and we’ll do it fast! Try us and see for yourself.